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Health/Safety Facilities

At Vanessa Cradle, the health and safety of your child is of utmost importance to us. As a result our security and safety facilities and measures are second to none.

First Aid Equipments

Located strategically through out our premises are fully equipped first aid boxes. All of our staff are well trained to use them in the occasion of an emergency.

Sanitizers And Hygiene

In order to maintain a healthy environment safe for your child to stay in, we have in place strict hygiene procedures and equipments. For instance, all visitors to our premises are compelled to take off their shoes before entering. They must also clean their hands with one of our sanitizers. The children under our care are also taught basic health procedures, like washing of their hands always.

CCTV Cameras

Every room and location within our premises is covered by a closed circuit television camera that is constantly being monitored. This ensures that help is available to your child, instantly when the need arises.

Intercom Phone Systems

We have modern Intercom phone systems located throughout our building to ensure easy communication between staff, and with the management when the need arises.

Body Infrared Thermometer

We have in place body infrared thermometer for instantly checking the temperature status our children, staff or visitors. This serves as a first line of defense before further health procedures are undertaken.