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Our Rooms

Our various rooms includes:

Potty Corner

Here the children are trained on how to make use of the toilet, and are encouraged to do so on their own when pressed.

Toddlers Space

This is a general area where the toddlers can play and learn under the supervision of our staff. Various age-specific toys are provided. They may also watch TV and listen to music here at the appropriate time period.

Nap / Snooze Area

This is where infants can rest and sleep in comfort. It is equipped with several cots. Our policy is strictly one cot per child, each child has one specific cot throughout their stay with us.

Bonding Room

This is a special room where nursing mothers may breast feed their babies. It is intended to foster an atmosphere of strong mother-child relationship, hence the name, Bonding Room.

Drop-Off And Pick Up Area

This is an area where wards may drop off their children to the care of our staff at the start of the day and pick them up later when we close.

Play Areas

Each program has it's own age-specific play area where the children carry out most of their daily activities. They are fully stocked with educational and stimulating toys.

Changing Room

This is where the staff or parents may change the children's clothings and nappies, or to give them a bath to keep them clean and fresh all day.